What happens if ICE comes? Lately, it has been so crazy with constant news about changes in immigration topics, and raids all around the country. We are here to help and we have some tips in case ICE knocks at your door.

First, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. They might try to trick you into opening the door, but you have the right to stay quiet. Unless they have a warrant, they cannot enter your home. If they say that they have a warrant, still do not let them in. Ask them to slip the warrant under the door. Look for your full name, address, and for official signature from a court. If it is from the court, it is the law to let them in. If not, do not answer any questions. We understand it may be scary..

Here’s what you can say if they do not have an official warrant:

“I do not wish to speak with you.”
Based on the 5th Amendment, you do not have to answer questions.
“I do not give you permission to enter my house.”
Based on the 4th Amendment, you do not have to let them in unless they have a court warrant.

How to plan if ICE comes:

Have a family plan. Think about, “What is going to happen to my kids? Who will take care of them if ICE comes?”
Have a safe guardian to take care of them, if worst comes to worst. Most importantly, remember their number in case you are incarcerated. Make sure they know what the situation could come to and the possibility of them having to watch and care for them through disabilities, allergies, or medications.
Ask and see if you are eligible for a bond.
What is a bond?
A bond is an agreement to get out of jail through paying money or fees.
Know your A# if you are incarcerated, because this could help your family or lawyer find out whether you qualify for a bond.
Ask yourself, “Where am I going to get the money? What do I do if I don’t have enough?”
Can a family member help? If not, please plan ahead. Think about saving and keeping money aside in case.
Who can I call if I don’t know what to do?
If you get a bond, call Gonzales Bond at 1-800-628-8888! Or check out their page here.
If you cannot get a bond, call us! 615-226-4236! Or make sure your lawyer is ensured by AILA.

Important recommendations:

Do not drive without drivers license! If driving without a license, it is the law to pull over when detained by an officer. It is not the same as when they come to your door, you do have to show identification.
For this matter, consider visiting ann AILA.org certified attorney to let you know about your options to legalize your status!

Print out this card in case ICE comes!