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With more than ten years of serving the immigrant community in Tennessee, immigration attorney Sean Lewis’s offices are open to assist you, according to the specific needs of your case. Attorney Sean Lewis speaks fluent Spanish and offers bilingual legal services.

Immigration laws are diverse and it is advisable to seek an expert lawyer. Immigration lawyer Sean Lewis is endorsed by the National Lawyers Guild (National Immigration Project), the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and the Tennessee Bar Association and drafted the legislation in 2006, which amended the notarial laws in the State of Tennessee that are still used today to fight against unscrupulous “notaries” who operate in the immigrant community.

At Music City Visa, we work day and night to bring our clients top-of-the-world legal representation. We are solely dedicated to the practice of Immigration and Nationality Law, making us tried and true experts in the field. Learn more about us here.

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Baltimore files lawsuit against President Trump

The city of Baltimore has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration because of the changes the State Department made in which immigrants who use state benefits could not qualify for adjustment of their immigration status. Baltimore officials say that this Trump...

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Daca Continues

Federal judge denies Texas’ request to end the program. A few days ago, we commented about the instability DACA has represented for The Dreamers: One day there’s news about judges like John D. Bates, demanding answers from the administration in relation to the...

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We are caring and compassionate. The Law Offices of Sean Lewis, PLLC, Immigration, and Citizenship Attorneys, is a global boutique law firm, solely dedicated to the private practice of Immigration and Nationality Law. Our main office is located in Nashville, Tennessee and we have clients located throughout the world.

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