Avoid being charged with double-penaly with specialized lawyer advise

U.S. Immigration Laws impose a double-penalty on immigrants convicted or charged with crime. The laws are strict and cause automatic deportation in many cases. Criminal defense attorneys are required to know the deportation consequences and advise their clients about them, but that rarely happens in practice. Immigration attorneys often have to ask the criminal courts to re-open convictions in order to save their clients from deportation. In cases involving refugees, deportation be a sentence of death.

Nashville, Tennessee Immigration Attorney Sean Lewis understands that many people from other countries fail to understand that once they have complied with probation, and even have had their cases expunged, they are facing secondary punishment by the federal government. The case of Sawng Hing is one example of how deportation consequences can follow even when a person followed the advice of an attorney and does everything the state has asked her to do, including completing probation. Remember that the easy deal offered by the prosecutor in a criminal case could lead to the biggest disaster in a life one could ever experience.

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