Federal judge denies Texas’ request to end the program.

A few days ago, we commented about the instability DACA has represented for The Dreamers: One day there’s news about judges like John D. Bates, demanding answers from the administration in relation to the unjustified and abrupt cancellation of the program (or else would order to rehabilitate the program’s capacity to accept new applications) and on the other hand we hear states like Texas requesting to cancel the program, claiming it is unconstitutional.

In the middle of this mess we find the young people who were brought to the country by their parents, and who see America as their home Even though DACA does not provide the Dreamers with an immigration adjustment to become citizens, it does give them a work permit, an opportunity to study and live a somewhat normal life…if you want to include the constant uncertainty of whether you will wake up here or in an unknown land as “normal” It is a complicated situation for the estimated 689,800 people under the program and a clear solution is not in the forecast anytime soon.

This week, however, the Dreamers are celebrating the decision of Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, of not granting the State of Texas’s request of canceling DACA as they claim the program is unconstitutional. Let’s keep in mind that Hanen had a history with DACA, as he cancelled DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) therefore, this decision was somewhat a surprise for all the young people under the program.

This subject will continue to make headlines indefinitely, hence Sean Lewis’ constant recommendation to the Dreamers to seek another path to their immigration status as soon as possible.
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