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Am I elegible for DACA 2021?

The US government is, once again, accepting applications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that allows people who are in the country without valid legal status to defer possible deportation for up to 2 years. In...

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Residence thru a family member

If you are looking to apply for permanent residency thru a family member, there are requirements to do so. A US citizen can apply for a family member such as a spouse, parent, child and a sibling, but there is a process in which you have to be able to meet several requirements and complete forms which may be complicated.

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New Law in TN: Frequent Asked Questions

The new law in Tennessee prohibits any sanctuary city policies. This doesn’t mean the police will now patrol the cities looking for immigrants. Attorney Elizabeth Patton answers FAQ about the new law. Immigration attorney Sean Lewis can help with your immigration case.

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Baltimore files lawsuit against President Trump

The city of Baltimore has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration because of the changes the State Department made in which immigrants who use state benefits could not qualify for adjustment of their immigration status. Baltimore officials say that this Trump...

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Daca Continues

Federal judge denies Texas’ request to end the program. A few days ago, we commented about the instability DACA has represented for The Dreamers: One day there’s news about judges like John D. Bates, demanding answers from the administration in relation to the...

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