Are you an aspiring musician wishing to play in the United States?

Sean Lewis, a musician himself, knows the importance in music and would love to help fulfill your dream here.

Sean Lewis started his life as a musician at the age of 17 and has played in bands, most famous: London – D’Priest 



So you want a artist visa? Let’s begin with..






What is an artist visa?

Individuals with “Extraordinary Ability or Achievement” that are nonimmigrant. It’s okay if you aren’t Beyonce and don’t have 22 awards or 63 nominations from Grammy awards. Thankfully, you can still apply for an artist visa with any international or national achievements you may have.  

Who is eligible? See more here.

  1. O-1A: individuals who have extraordinary talent in athletics, business, or education (excluding arts).
  2. O-1B: Including arts like motion pictures or in the television industry, individuals with extraordinary talent or achievements.
  3. O-2: Individuals helping O-1A/B. Must prove that they are essential in individuals event or performance.
  4. O-3: Spouses of O-1A/B and O-2.

What’s the cost?

Cost may vary. Make sure to first consult with Sean Lewis to as many fees can apply with processing.

What is the application process?

For O-1’s:

  1. Petition to file form I-129, “Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker”
  2. Provide evidence including:
    1. Consultation
    2. Contract between the beneficiary and petitioner
    3. Itineraries (Must begin 1 year before said event)
    4. Any involving agents

What’s the timeline?

Process can vary from 10 days to 6 months depending on the approval of application. If limited in time, individual can expedite and pay fee to fast track the application. 

How long can I stay? Can I extend it if need be?

Typically can be up to 3 years. Yes, but must go through similar documentation as before with a statement explaining the extension.

If you interested in learning more, contact us at 615-226-4236 for more information!

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